Whereas . . .

. . . the current Republican nominee for Colorado Governor, Dan Maes, has shown himself to be ethically compromised with regard to:

     :fundraising reports to the Colorado Secretary of State
     :use of fundraising numbers to create a false sense of momentum
     :his response to being fined by the State for above violations, which included blaming his wife and child
     :his background as a business executive
     :some of his interactions with supporters and campaign “donors,” most notably Freda Poundstone;

. . . Dan Maes has lost the support of most, if not all, of the Republican Party establishment in Colorado, including but not limited to former Senator Hank Brown, former Congressman Bob Beauprez, radio personality Dan Caplis, Republican Party chairman Dick Wadhams, and prominent blogger Donald Johnson;

. . . recent fundraising numbers have shown that Dan Maes’ ability to fund a major political campaign is “challenged,” at best;

. . . Dan Maes decision not to drop out of the Colorado Governor’s race reflects a vanity and a wilfulness that is reflective of his larger ethical difficulties, and are highly distasteful to Coloradans in general;

. . . and whereas Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo has shown an arrogance about his position within the Party and within the electorate in general by attempting to dictate the behavior of declared candidates;

. . . Tom Tancredo has likewise demonstrated an inability to run a viable statewide campaign, and indeed has only ever run campaigns in his relatively safe 6th Congressional District;

. . . and whereas current Democratic Party nominee for Governor John Hickenlooper has likewise shown himself to be ethically compromised in his responses:

     :to interviewers asking for transparency in his reporting of political donations
     :to serious racially-charged incidents in the City of Denver during his tenure as Mayor
     :to direct questioning regarding his government’s policies regarding illegal immigration and Denver’s status as a “Sanctuary City” for illegals;

. . . and Whereas the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey made it quite clear in 2002 that election law should be broadly interpreted “to allow the voters a choice;”

. . . and whereas the Supreme Court of the United States implicitly endorsed the ruling of the Supreme Court of New Jersey by refusing to hear the appeal of the Republican Party of New Jersey;

. . . and whereas the future of the State of Colorado is too important to leave up to chance, whim, or the minutiae of election laws, but should be decided by an informed and engaged electorate who have viable choices in their elections;


:that every informed and interested Coloradan should, when they receive their general election ballots for the November 2, 2010 election, write in the name “Jane Norton” for Governor of Colorado;

:further, that every informed and interested Coloradan should write in the name “Josh Penry” for Lieutenant Governor of Colorado on the same ballot;

:that every Coloradan whose impluse would be to donate money to either Dan Maes’ campaign or to Tom Tancredo’s campaign should, instead, donate money to the legal defense of the ability to write in the names Norton/Penry on the ballot this November pursuant to the New Jersey Supreme Court ruling in 2002;

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One Response to Whereas . . .

  1. Sofie Inkpen says:

    Jane Norton is a RINO who supported Refs C and D. She is no more qualified to be governor than she was to be senator.

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